Hi! My name is Travis (Sivart).

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I design products, theatrical productions, websites, graphics, logos and UI/UX.
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I live & work in America's Finest City.

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Theatrical Design

Be Ready For The Big Show

Scenic design is the art of making things look good. When you go to a play, you expect to see beautiful scenery. You want to see mountains, trees, lakes, oceans, etc. Scenic designers use these elements to help tell the story of the play. In theatre, scenery is designed to enhance the performance of actors and actresses. Scenery is also used to create a certain mood. For example, if you were watching a horror movie, you would probably not want to see a lot of bright colors. If you were watching a romantic comedy, you might want to see lots of red and pink. Scenic design is a huge part of theatre, especially in musicals.

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Web Design

One Of A Kind Web Design

A creative expert like a website designer should showcase his creative abilities through his online portfolio since he is essentially selling his creative talent to potential clients who want proof that he has what it takes to produce what he promises in interviews or business proposals . Showcasing competence in web design — from creativity ideas to UX — is essential since this determines whether potential clients think the chosen creative talent has what it takes to deliver what he promised during negotiations . Also included in this plan are examples showcasing adaptability since this determines whether potential customers think any given client can keep up with changing technology platforms over time given any given client's current technological capabilities .

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Product Design

Make Whatever You Like

Design plays an important role in any business; it can increase sales by making great products readily available to consumers at an affordable price point. Many companies have embraced new technology through which they can easily share their ideas with manufacturing companies that can turn them into tangible items ready for sale to customers worldwide via online stores like Amazon or eBay.

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Graphic Design

Custom Graphics

Graphic design is the art of organizing text and images to create pieces of printed merchandise like books, magazines, advertisements and packaging. Many people confuse graphic design with computer programming. However, a graphic designer is someone who uses art to create logos and other visual elements used in branding. A logo is the core element of a company’s identity and communicates its mission, values and branding strategies to customers. A good logo must be unique, memorable and professional.

Let's Create Something!
"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Albert Einstein

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